August 4, 2017
“Inclusive to people who are often forgotten about”

Disability:IN Corporate Partner, Voya Financial, recently invited a group of students participating in the Mentorship Exchange to job shadow its CEO, Rodney Martin.  

Disability:IN and Voya at the NYSE

Through Rodney Martin’s leadership, Voya Financial is passionate about mentoring opportunities for college students and recent graduates with disabilities. Voya’s day of service and the job shadowing opportunity was a natural fit. Students were able to follow Rodney through a typical workday, including attending meetings with other company executives, engaging colleagues regarding company initiatives, and joining him to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.  

More information about the Disability:IN Mentorship Exchange and Voya Financial’s commitment to people with disabilities can be found on the Disability:IN Mentorship Exchange webpage, and Voya’s Supporting People with Disabilities webpage.

Watch and hear the video recap of Disability:IN NextGen Leaders job shadow day with Voya Financial CEO:

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