NextGen Leaders Stories

We are #DisabledandHired!

These are the stories of NextGen Leaders. They are an untapped talent pool of skilled candidates with disabilities who excel at data analytics, finance, computer science, and other fields.

Through our programs, an average of 85% of NextGen Leaders find employment. Here we recognize and celebrate those who are #DisabledandHired.

Here are quotes from 5 students from our 2017 NextGen Leaders program:
  1. Christopher Gaines, Operations Analyst with Northrop Grumman says “Disability:IN has afforded me an enormous opportunity to work for one of best aerospace and defense technology companies in the world.”
  2. Karla Grajeda, Tax Professional with EY says “Disability:IN helps companies hire a diverse workforce that can approach the marketplace from different perspectives. As a NextGen Leader, I was honored to have the opportunity to talk to so many firms working to embrace inclusion.”
  3. Marcus Tuck, Information Security Analyst 2 with Well Fargo says “Disability:IN helped me develop a professional network and has provided me with life-time mentors.”
  4. Lilianna Watson, Communications Consultant with MassMutual says “I had conversations and interviews with so many dream companies, and ended up securing a position that I would've thought was beyond my capabilities before I attended the conference.”
  5. Paul Trevino, Pyrotechnics Operator with The Walt Disney Company says “My mentor reviewed my resume and offered suggestions that allowed me greater ability to showcase my talents and prepared me for future endeavors. In the end, I got my dream job!”
  6. Bryan Stromer, Creative Strategy Microsoft 365 Studio with Microsoft says “I believe programs like the Rising Leadership Academy will help break down the stigmas around disability by showcasing talented candidates with disabilities who are looking to work.”
  7. Vera Damanka, Ticket to Work Manager with Barnes and Noble says "The Disability:IN program provided me with mentorship, support, and motivation to be able to obtain gainful employment. A couple of months after graduation, I began working for the DC Health Benefit Exchange, assisting consumers and businesses of DC with managing their insurance benefits. Now I am utilizing those brokerage skills, as well as the advocacy skilled honed by the WRP, in my new Position as the Ticket To Work Manager for EasterSeals' Disabilty Staffing Network. I have the privilege of being able to help other individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain gainful employment."
  8. Victoria Wesley, Marketing and Communications Coordinator with St Elizabeth Catholic Church says "I'm grateful that Disability:IN was integral to my transition from school to full-time employment. I was able to gain better information on the process and also got to see my disability as a launching pad for exciting opportunities, rather than a setback."
  9. Sumesh Tripathi, Tax Staff at Anton Collins Mitchell says "Disability:IN provided me confidence with its mentoring program. After meeting my mentor, Mike Ellis, and hearing his story in 2017, I learned to 'BE MYSELF.'' Being different is OK."
  10. Hannah Chadwick, Program Coordinator with Disability:IN says "Disability:IN was instrumental in helping me figure out my career path, connecting me with the right people, and ultimately landing a job doing what I wanted to do."

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