State Street provides a centralized recruiting fund to support managers and influence the culture in the workplace for departments who wish to hire interns with disabilities and don’t have the financial budget to support an intern expense, as all internships at State Street are paid. This first year “seed” money covers the intern expense for year one, with the manager budgeting for the intern for following summers while the intern is enrolled in school. This program exposes their managers with more interns with differences in the workplace. All State Street’s workforce related conversations in Boston, include a partnership component of supporting individuals with disabilities. This includes discussions with job programs, volunteer relationships, and Foundation donations. Providing an internal blog marketing opportunity, in partnership with State Street’s Disability focused ERG, allows those who have been hired at State Street with disabilities to share their story to their entire company. This outreach allows the intern hire to talk about the supportive culture and opportunities for improvement during their internship. Many times, these blogs are shared externally with the members of Work Without Limits.