Accommodation information is used to track impacts to individuals when business decisions are being made to certain areas to evaluate impacts and mitigate risks, conflicts, and provide support to improve employee satisfaction. In the last year, Accommodation information allowed the company to create a business case for all entrance doors on every floor in renovated buildings, (which are locked and accessed by badge access and non-mechanical—though compliant with ADA standards), to have automatic mechanical openers installed proactively ahead of individuals with limited upper body mobility because ADA standards do not account for those kinds of disabilities. Accommodation numbers are used to advocate for different types of changes to facilities and equipment. The highest costs for Accommodations are the sit/stand units, which enable employees to alternate between sitting and standing. The company took this information to Leadership and in the coming years as Florida Blue completes the Campus Remodel, all employees will be given a desk that can be electronically adjusted by height, thus improving the health and well-being of all employees with this universal design.