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2018 Annual Conference Wrap-Up
You might have heard, USBLN is now Disability:IN! We were all IN at the 21st annual Disability:IN conference hosted at the fabulous Cosmopolitan hotel, right in the heart of The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are thrilled to announce that the 2018 conference was sold out with over 1500 attendees, all of whom were dedicated to furthering disability inclusion. Huge thanks to all our partners, volunteers, supporters, and staff who came together to make this event a phenomenal success!
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August 10, 2018
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What do Facebook, Walmart, CVS Health, and Voya Financial have in common? A strong disability inclusion program.
Hiring individuals with disabilities delivers significant business benefits. “When people are able to bring their whole selves to work, you’re able to minimize what neuroscientists call the ‘social pain of exclusion,’ helping ensure that people are able to be their most productive, optimized self,” says Russell Shaffer, Walmart’s director of brand strategy, outreach, and benchmarking in the office of global culture, diversity, and inclusion. The “social pain of exclusion” refers […]

September 27, 2018
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Hey, Alexa: Put Inclusion on the Agenda
Technology Can Improve Productivity for Everyone Voice-activated technology in the workplace is “a very big issue for major companies,” said Leslie Wilson, vice president of Disability:IN’s Inclusion Works, a network of disability rights advocates and businesses including Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Dell, 3M, Bank of America, and Comcast NBCUniversal. When it comes to the general introduction of virtual […]

September 27, 2018
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U.S. Firms Slowly Getting Better At Disability Inclusion
Disability Equality Index Measures Inclusion Success The Disability Equality Index (DEI) in the U.S. has revealed 126 out of 145 companies scored a 100 rating when it came to the inclusion of people with disabilities. These companies account for 7.8 million employees in the U.S. The good news is 94% of DEI companies reported having […]

September 27, 2018
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The Disability Equality Index Evolves – Part 2
As we mentioned in a previous blog, we’re constantly evaluating the criteria of the DEI to ensure the policies and practices we put in place further the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities across the business enterprise.

September 25, 2018
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