March 18, 2019
How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

An image of a person about to start a virtual interview. We see a man’s hands and arms resting on a workspace, his hands clasped on either side of an iPad. He is wearing blue and white work shirt. He is looking at six people, three men & three women, three sitting & three standing, dressed in work clothes. Two have laptops in front of them, and they are ready to start a meeting. On the workspace of the person holding the iPad, there is also a notepad, coffee cup, Post-it notes, pens and pencils in a cup, a clipboard and data chart, and a phone cord. The blue and green Disability:IN logo appears in the top right corner.

The evolution of technology has led to a rise in virtual career fairs. Unlike traditional ones, virtual career fairs create broader opportunities for job seekers, recruiters, and employers. Job seekers have access to a more efficient and discreet way to discuss their qualifications and employment opportunities, and employers and recruiters have access to a larger pool of job candidates. For job seekers with disabilities, a virtual career fair offers other benefits, such as not having to worry whether or not the event venue is accessible. It’s an ideal opportunity to connect with employers and recruiters in a setting that is comfortable for you.

In our continued mission to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce, Disability:IN, in partnership with Bender Consulting, will host the Second Annual Virtual Career Connection for job seekers with disabilities on Friday, April 12th. The event will give early career and experienced candidates with disabilities a chance to pursue employment in a wide range of fields and corporate levels, and allow employers to diversify their workforce, expand their talent pool of individuals, and seek out the largest untapped labor force.

Similar to traditional career fairs, it’s important to be prepared for your meetings. Follow these tips to prepare yourself for success during the Virtual Career Connection.


  • Make sure you pre-register by March 25, 2019. It’s very important to register ahead of time! You won’t be able to participate unless you’re pre-registered.
  • Make sure your technology is ready. Once you register for the Virtual Career Connection, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and computer system requirements. If you need to install new software, be sure to do that early, leaving enough time to troubleshoot any problems. Select the device that will work best for this situation. A desktop, laptop, or propped-up tablet will minimize the jittery camera effect, if you plan on using video. Regardless of which device you choose, make sure it’s fully charged, and have a charger readily available.
  • Make sure you do your homework. Research the attending companies, and the positions they have available. That information will allow you to formulate questions ahead of time.
  • Make sure you know what to say. Practice your elevator pitch! You should have a few short and to-the-point sentences regarding your background, the job in which you’re interested, and why you’d be a good fit.
  • Make sure your resume is current. It should go without saying, but it’s important to emphasize that your resume should be updated and mistake-free.


  • Dress professionally. You may not be preparing yourself to meet a potential employer face-to-face, but you might have the opportunity for a video chat, so dress appropriately and be well-groomed.
  • Communicate professionally. Much of your interaction during the Virtual Career Connection will be written, so be mindful of your written communication. Write in full sentences. Watch your grammar and spelling. And avoid using slang, abbreviations, and emoticons.
  • Be proactive. Don’t hesitate to ask about the next step in the hiring process, and how you can stay in touch.


  • Follow up. Don’t let your efforts before and during the Virtual Career Connection go to waste after the event by neglecting to follow up via email or regular mail with the connections you made.

Take action now and register to participate! The Disability:IN Virtual Career Connection is a time efficient and FREE recruitment effort, but the application deadline is quickly approaching. Job seekers must register by March 25th to attend on April 12th.

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