November 6, 2018
Disability:IN Helping Disability Suppliers Perfect the Pitch

Disability:IN highlights various disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs) through the DOBE Spotlight Series. If you’d like more information about Disability:IN Supplier Diversity Program, please contact [email protected].

In today’s business world the ability to compete and differentiate yourself from the competition can only be enhanced by the ability to effectively articulate one’s value proposition. This is certainly evident when diverse suppliers strive to capture the attention and secure contracts with Corporate America.

“Our organization has held a DOBE Pitch Tank Competition for the past six years to highlight the impressive capabilities of our certified DOBEs and SDV-DOBEs. Through a friendly competition, DOBEs are able to showcase their talent and businesses are able to make great connections with diverse suppliers.” says Patricia Richards, Vice President, Disability:IN Supplier Diversity.

Cynthia Masters holding her small dogCynthia Masters, Founder and CEO of DBS Interactive, a Disability:IN certified disability-owned business enterprise (DOBE), discovered first-hand the power of the pitch during this year’s Pitch Tank Competition, held at Disability: IN’s annual conference in Las Vegas.

The Pitch Tank Competition gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to take the stage and pitch their most innovative products and ideas. This year, business owners competed for cash prizes of more than $10,000, sponsored by Wells Fargo, Merck, and Galt, and other great honors contributed by corporate partners, including Tuck School of Business scholarships, business executive meetings, and airfare.

During the Conference’s Supply Chain Plenary, hosted by Wells Fargo, Cynthia joined two other DOBE finalists, Paul Gittemeier, CEO of Tic Toc, and Victor Agapov, Owner of Wallo Brands, in wowing a panel of judges with their innovative ideas and their powerful 3-minute pitches. Ultimately, Cynthia earned first place with her moving story and compelling business idea of building an accessible, user-friendly, and functional website content management system. Cynthia’s company, DBS Interactive, is a full-service digital agency specializing in web design, SEO, and web programming.

When asked what winning the 2018 Pitch Tank Competition meant to her, Cynthia shared, “The award recognizes DBS Interactive’s core belief that accessibility on digital platforms creates a fair and responsible internet. The award gives me the courage to continue to share my personal story in a business setting.”

Congratulations to Cyndi Masters, and all our other participants!

The Disability:IN Supplier Diversity Program was designed to help certified DOBEs advance contract opportunities with corporations as well as government agencies. By having a procurement model based on diversity and inclusion, corporations and DOBEs achieve greater economic self-sufficiency, positive community impact, and strengthen the American economy. For more information about this certification program and others we provide, please contact [email protected].

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