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Disability:IN Minnesota invites you to join us for our April event–hosted by U.S. Bank–on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. We hope you’ll join us to honor Autism Awareness Month as Lori Hogenkamp delivers a keynote speech on the science behind Autism.
Keynote Presentation: The Science Behind Autism: New and Unique Ways to Help Autistic Minds Thrive
Description:  U.S. Bank’s Disability BRG is hosting this keynote event on April 13th to recognize Autism Awareness Month. Keynote speaker, Lori Hogenkamp, will explain what the Autism Spectrum is and the science behind it. Ms. Hogenkamp is the director and founder of the Center For Adaptative Stress in Cincinnati, Ohio. She will present secrets to create dynamic, innovative, inclusive, and agile workforces.
Neurodiversity is about including and considering all of the different ways in which unique minds thrive. In this presentation, Ms. Hogenkamp will review the science of neurodiversity through her unique lens of being an autistic researcher and advocate, discussing evolutionary perspectives and solutions for the stressed-out world we are currently living through.


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