IN KS: 7th Annual Disability Inclusion Summit – “Disability IS Diversity: Leading Perspectives”

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This Conference is one of the region’s largest, featuring national and regional experts on 
​strategies and best practices to advance disability inclusion in the workplace.

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Day 1:  Tuesday, September 14 – 9:00-11:30 AM CST
CEO and DE&I Leader Perspective – “Driving & Living the Vision”
Any long-lasting change effort must start with top leadership buy-in. Diversity Equity & Inclusion is no different. This keynote and panel presentation is designed to highlight senior level commitment to disability inclusion as part of the overall DE&I efforts and share perspectives that are leading the way to elevating an inclusive ​work culture.
Welcome and BIG Announcement 

  • Darla Wilkerson, Executive Director and George Calvert, Board President Disability:IN GKC

Opening Keynote 

  • Robbie Makinen, CEO, KCATA and Holly Carmichael, CEO, GT Independence

Panel of DE&I Leaders

  • Felecia Hogan, Commerce Bank; ​Darla Zink, Berkshire Hathaway Energy; ​
    Silas Dulan, Evergy; ​Vicki Webster, GEHA
Day 2: Wednesday, September 15 – 11:00 – 1:30 PM CST
Talent Acquisition Perspective – “Acquiring & Empowering Talent”
Focusing on outreach and recruitment, interviewing, hiring and onboarding can be an overwhelming job at times and our current climate certainly has every business working at high speed to keep up with changes as we get to a new normal. This keynote and panel includes some amazing talent acquisition leaders who have faced challenges and successes over the past year that were never foreseen. Learn how they kept their ​focus on disability inclusion and created a few new strategies related to disability inclusion.
Welcome and Keynote 

  • Catherine Goetz, Sr. Manager, Military & Diversity Recruiting Programs, T-Mobile

Panel of Talent Leaders

  • Vicki Slaughter, Allied OneSource; Ammy Washington, Truman Medical Center;
    Rachel Raymond, Jack Henry & Associates; Kari Chester, The Whole Person
Day 3: Thursday, September 16 – 2:00-4:30 PM CST
Professionals with Disabilities Perspective – “Fostering Successful Careers”
Uniqueness is what makes our work culture thrive. There is uniqueness in skills and talent, in personalities and characteristics, and there is uniqueness in how we all influence each other. This keynote and panel includes individuals with disabilities who will share their unique perspectives on what they had to do to acquire their jobs, what they offer their work environment and how they have influenced others by bring more awareness to the ​abilities that have led to their success.
Welcome and Keynote

  • Sarah Triano, Senior Director of Duals-Complex Care, Centene Corporation

Panel of Professionals with a Disability

  • Jennifer Hertha, UMB; Anna Thomas, Veteran Readiness & Employment;
    Kelly O’Connor, Garmin; Kayla Lagud, Hallmark; Lea Klepees, The Whole Person




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