September 12, 2018
Disability:IN Welcomes New Corporate Relations Coordinator, Mackenzie Ward

Disability:IN is pleased to announce an addition to our staff. Mackenzie Ward recently joined our team as Corporate Relations Coordinator. In her current role, Mackenzie will be supporting Disability:IN’s Executive Vice President of Programs. 

Mackenzie Ward graduated from Villanova University in 2018 with a Bachelors in Economics and a minor in Spanish. While she always knew she didn’t want to pursue a traditional career in economics, she felt it gave her a great foundation for whatever professional path she did follow.  

Mackenzie has always been interested in matters related to disability advocacy and equality. At a young age, she began volunteering for Challenger, an organization that provides inclusive play and leisure activities for children and young people with disabilities. She also volunteered with TOPSoccer, a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities. Mackenzie’s commitment and passion continued to grow as she got older. By the time she arrived at Villanova, she was ready for greater responsibility. There she served as President of a student group called LEVEL. The group strives to level the playing field for students of all abilities, promotes social and academic inclusion, and attempts to normalize college experiences for all students.  

It is through these experiences Mackenzie knew she wanted to start her career in helping to advance disability inclusion. This interest only grew stronger when Mackenzie was invited to volunteer at the 2018 Disability:IN Annual Conference in Las Vegas. She shadowed multiple members of the team, and learned about the different programs Disability:IN offers. Mackenzie went above and beyond during the Conference and accepted an official job offer shortly thereafter.  

“I’m thrilled to continue my efforts in this space and begin my professional career,” said Mackenzie. The feeling is mutual. All of us at Disability:IN can’t wait for her to make an impact on disability inclusion.  


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