December 3, 2018
Building an Inclusive Global Economy Together

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Dear friends and allies:

Today we celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities. This is an important day to recognize our collective efforts in building an inclusive global economy where people with disabilities participate fully and meaningfully.

At Disability:IN we know disability inclusion isn’t just a priority for the U.S.

We’ve been working closely with both the business and disability communities to understand how we can encourage international impact. Through these efforts, we’ve created more opportunities for everyone to drive disability inclusion internationally.

Graphic showing a blue circle with the letters DEI written in white text

Non-U.S. Questions added to the Disability Equality Index (DEI)

Under the guidance and leadership of the DEI Advisory Committee, the 2019 Disability Equality Index will now include questions on non-U.S. operations. The DEI evolves each year to continue encouraging companies to advance disability inclusion. Register for the 2019 DEI

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Growing a Global Registry of Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (DOBEs)

Last year Disability:IN announced an opportunity for disability-owned businesses around the world to self-register in our network. To date, our global DOBEs now include entities from Canada, the U.K., and even Tanzania. Learn More


Image depicts a blue circle with the silhouette of a person standing in front of a table with three other people seated as though they are a panel of judges

Bringing Leaders together through a Global Roundtable

At the Disability:IN Annual Conference & Expo, we host a global roundtable to encourage discussions among business leaders about how to drive global disability inclusion.

Save the Date – 2019 Disability:IN Conference

I hope you can join us in celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities and reach out if you want to join IN for any of these efforts. Together, we can build a better world for humanity.


Jill Houghton, President & CEO of Disability:IN