Elizabeth Taub

Elizabeth Taub

Liz Taub serves as the Executive Vice President of Programs for Disability:IN, a non-profit organization that empowers companies to achieve disability inclusion and equality. Leading the partnerships team, Liz grew the corporate partnership network 10X from 30 to 300 corporate partners. Liz also directs Disability:IN’s NextGen Leaders initiatives for college students with disabilities in STEM, finance, and business, reaching thousands of students nationwide.

Additionally, Liz spearheads Disability:IN’s Accessibility Leadership Committee and Mental Wellness Committees. In this work, Liz brings together the world’s most powerful companies around a shared commitment to building more equitable workplaces.

Previously, Liz worked on Walgreens’ world-renowned and industry-leading initiatives to employ more people with disabilities. Liz co-created Walgreens’ REDI (Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative), which provides people with disabilities the opportunity to learn retail and customer service skills. Through Liz’s leadership to successfully expand the REDI Program nationwide, Walgreens has helped thousands of people graduate from the program and become employed.

Liz received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Social Work from New York University. At NYU, Liz led the design, development, and implementation of programs that still run today at the Center for Special Needs in New York City. Working with the bright and dedicated young adults at the Center for Special Needs sparked Liz’s lifelong commitment to helping companies hire people with disabilities.

Liz is a lifelong New Yorker, who relocated with her family to Miami for more space and sun in 2020.