Hi everyone! My name is Spritz, and I was born with a purpose, to be a guide dog for someone who is blind or low vision. For the first year of my life, I lived with three different families (they were my puppy raisers), where I learned to socialize and learn good house manners. Riding buses, taking trains, and attending high school were just a few of many things I did with my raisers.

After I turned one year old, my raisers sent me to guide dog school, where I received formal training on how to be an awesome guide. My trainer taught me to find things such as curbs, stairs, and doors; but the most important thing I learned was to go around obstacles and to stay focused while traveling with my human. Of course, I passed my classes with flying paws and a wagging tail; and in August 2013 I was matched with my person, Hannah Chadwick.

This month we celebrate our 5 years of successful partnership! We have traveled to many states, conferences, and met many new friends from all over the world!

I want everyone to know that while I love socializing and getting lots of attention, when my harness is on, this means I’m working and need to stay focused. So please don’t talk to me, pet or feed me because I want to continue being the best guide. I know this may be difficult because I’m always wagging and smiling, but don’t worry, there are lots of opportunities to play and interact with me, you just have to ask my human first to make sure it’s okay.

I also have many hobbies; they include, eating, sleeping, getting petted, playing tug, and frequenting coffee shops (it makes my person happy), all in that order.