Top Overall Findings

Top Overall Findings

Culture and Leadership

60% pie chart

60% have company-wide
external hiring
goals for people with

30% pie chart

30% have a Senior
Executive (within first
two layers reporting to
CEO) who is internally
known as being a
person with a disability

4% pie chart

4% of current
employees self-identify
as having a disability*

*Median percentage among companies that encourage and report self-identification numbers

Employment Practices

96% pie chart

96% offer flexible work

84% pie chart

84% provide wellness
benefits beyond their
mental health benefits

61% pie chart

61% make job interview
candidates aware of the
option to request an
accommodation(s) for
the interview

Enterprise-Wide Access

91% pie chart

91% require all U.S.-
based locations to be
accessible and usable
by all people

61% pie chart

61% have an
accessibility expert who
can resolve accessibility
issues with internal
digital products

Community Engagement

88% pie chart

88% provided
philanthropic support
for a disability-related
event or organization

55% pie chart

55% have a plan to
ensure that social media
postings are accessible

Supplier Diversity

74% pie chart

74% have expenditures with disability-owned businesses

Non-U.S. Operations

77% pie chart

77% implement disability inclusion standards of non-discrimination for all employees outside of the United States

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