Recruiter Resources

The NextGen Initiatives provides many opportunities for companies to connect with college students across the country. We realize our partners are constantly sourcing for the top career seekers and are particularly in need of avenues to recruit diverse talent. Our programs allow recruiters to:

  • Source candidates directly for internship, part time, and full time placements
  • Build talent pools for the future
  • Receive tools and training when hiring/interviewing individuals with disabilities
  • Establish a strong employer brand with NextGen Leaders

Downloadable Resources

NextGen Leaders Resume Database

Click the link above to access and search through NextGen Leader resumes. You will be able to access the resumes of students and professionals from the Mentorship Exchange, Talent Accelerator, and NextGen Alumni Network.

Corporate partners have already received an email with access information. If you need this information, please send an email from your work email address to [email protected] with a request to access.

Meet the 2019 NextGen Leaders

Email Liz, Disability:IN EVP Programs, to learn more: [email protected]

Infographic breaking down the demographics of the 2019 NextGen Leaders cohort.
Download PDF of “Meet the 2019 NextGen Leaders”